About us

Spanning 150 hectares, Terenzi boasts 60 hectares of vineyards and 14 hectares of ancient olive groves. Founded in 2001 by the Terenzi family, they’ve become a cornerstone of Maremma’s thriving wine region. Their passion for showcasing this underappreciated terroir is evident in their beautifully crafted wines. Terenzi’s commitment to quality extends beyond the bottle. Their 3,000-square-meter winery completed in 2004 offers an immersive wine tourism experience. In 2012, Gambero Rosso recognized Terenzi as an Emerging Winery, solidifying their reputation for innovation. Terenzi is renowned for its range of elegant, contemporary wines. Their acclaimed Vermentino Balbinus, the dessert wine Passito Petit Manseng, and the Sangiovese powerhouse Madrechiesa (awarded Tre Bicchieri 11 times) are just a few examples of their dedication to excellence.