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Grappa Madrechiesa

Grappa di Morellino Riserva


Grappa di Morellino Riserva aged 18 months in barriques and obtained from our fresh distilled pomace in selection with artisanal method.

Technical features

  • Grape variety: Sangiovese
  • Origin of the marc: From only our fresh distilled pomace in selection with artisanal method.
  • Characteristics: Aged grappa distilled in selection only from our pomace immediately after racking.
    From careful distillation with the discontinuous method and manual cutting of head, heart and tail performed personally to each crush by the master distiller. Certified aging in 225 liter barriques in medium toasted French oak inside the sealed tax warehouse.
  • Bottles produced: About 800 each vintage for each production batch.
  • Alcohol content: 42% vol.


  • Color: Amber
  • Bouquet: Full, enveloping and delicate, with great personality. Among the various sensations stand out the small berries and ripe fruit, cocoa and vanilla.
  • Taste: Rich and enveloping, the persuasive olfactory sensations are confirmed on the palate

Origin and data sheet

origin-grappa-madrechiesa-tuscany-maremma madrechiesa-grappa-maremma-data-sheet

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